New - Stanno teamwear in Benelux

On February 8, 2017 the Deventrade Group launches the teamwear collection of all-round sports brand Stanno in the Benelux. This allows the teamwear specialist even more to expand its position of future-oriented market leader, together with its partners.

The Stanno teamwear range mainly focuses on football, volleyball and handball, but many products are also perfectly suited for individual sports (both for men, women and youth). The launch of teamwear is accompanied by a completely new branding, which shows on the new and in the catalog for the coming season.

Marthijn Pothoven, CEO of Deventrade: "With the introduction of the full Stanno range in the Benelux we offer our partners even more opportunities to complement our other brands. Our greatest strength is the collaboration with our retail partners for almost 35 years. We take this new step with them, because we strongly believe in the partnership between the retailer, the sports club and the Deventrade Group."

About Stanno
Stanno is a dedicated all-round sports brand with a diverse and high quality range. The brand is currently successfully sold in 19 countries. With its two key pillars, ‘Product is king’ and ‘Sport is our passion’, Stanno quickly gathered fame within the (team) sports sector.

Product is king
Stanno aims to transmit the love of sports through products that meet the Stanno design philosophy: Function. Form. Attitude. In that exact order. For Stanno, product is king. It is the specialty of Stanno to provide extensive collections of interest to every kind of athlete, on the one hand, and, on the other, to develop tailored, high-tech products for specific groups of athletes. The brand is dedicated to create quality every day, driven by a firm belief in the winning connection of versatility and innovation.

Sport is our passion
Sport is in the core of our DNA. The love of sports is reflected in everything we do, from our design philosophy to our development and marketing. It’s our inspiration domain. In sports it is all about momentum. The tipping point where the hard work comes together, the powerful dynamic around a defining moment. Stanno strongly believes that everyone, every athlete, regardless of his or her level, can experience true moments of glory.

About the Deventrade Group
Stanno is part of the Deventrade Group: a Dutch family owned business, founded in 1985. The company is specialized in sportswear and operating with the brands Stanno, Reece Australia, Reece Individual, hummel (Benelux) and Derbystar (Holland). Due to the presence in many sports speciality stores and the various sponsorships on the highest level, the Deventrade Group is closely involved in the sports world. The key to success lies among others in the high quality, wide and broad inventory and excellent logistics unit.

The Stanno range was already partly (goalkeeper gloves, socks and accessories) and successfully sold in the Benelux for many years. With the addition of the teamwear range, the Deventrade Group takes an important step to ensure the role as a market leader in teamwear, in the context of its mission “Continuity is the foundation for our future”.

by Rob de Bruyn