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Fingerprotection JR III

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The Fingerprotection JR III glove (flathand, positive stitching) is a derivative of the senior gloves, but optimized for the needs of junior. The glove pays special attention to protecting children's fingers: the fingers are provided with finger protection that reduces the risk of injuries. The soft foam provides reliable grip and excellent cushioning. Soft foam also ensures maximum ball control and optimal comfort. Flexibility is guaranteed for punching, catching and throwing. The glove includes an elastic insert of mesh/nylon on the thumb and upper. The wristband is equipped with a velcro closure for easy donning and doffing of the glove.

Product specifications
Product Name Fingerprotection JR III
SKU 481376-9230
Brand Stanno
Main Color Grey
Material Soft Foam
Gender Boys, Girls
Fingerprotection JR III