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Stanno has everything to support you in your goal! Check out the vast goalkeeper collection, from hand protection with the best gloves to shin guards and the perfect goalkeeper outfit in your club colours. Take your goalkeeper skills to the next level!

Items 21-40 of 75


Items 21-40 of 75


Choose goalkeeper gloves that fit you best

The most important thing for goalkeepers are, of course, goalkeeper gloves. A good pair can give you wings, but a pair that does not fit you properly can tear you down. Besides a cool design and features that suit you, the size has to be correct too. If your gloves are too big, you have less grip, but if they are too small, the seams can tear. Therefore, always check your size by checking the Stanno size chart for goalkeeper gloves first.

Many goalkeepers already trust Stanno's knowledge and expertise. Once you have bought your new goalkeeper gloves, it is important to take good care of them. One way to do this is to clean them after every use.

The best clothes for the best goalkeepers

Stanno is also the right place for your goalkeeper clothes. Our range includes goalkeeper shorts in various lengths, but also many different tops. We also offer underwear with protection. The protective padding is often on the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Every item is designed to keep you safe!

Sports Tape for extra stability

All goalkeepers sometimes have a good game. The difference between good goalkeepers and great goalkeepers is simple: consistency. The key is to be steady and be a solid goalkeeper for your team every week. To achieve this, your body also needs to be stable and in optimal shape. A useful tool for this is sports tape. It provides support when you are injured or when you have a weaker (temporary) joint. For goalkeepers, it is ideal to use on the wrists, fingers, hands and knees. That's the way to make the difference!

More accessories to make the difference

Of course, Stanno has more accessories for goalkeepers. For example, we have a glove cleaner in our collection that allows you to perfectly care for your goalkeeper gloves. Your gloves will last much longer this way. Better for the environment, but also for your wallet. Goalkeepers can also shop hair bands, training hats and a pair of slides at our Stanno webshop.