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Stanno Volare Series - Born to fly


Control. That’s what it's all about when you're in goal. To feel you’re the boss, this is your territory. Your confidence grows with every ball you catch. You read every move. You’re right there where you need to be, at the right time. A free kick, a distant angle, maximum effect - the ball's yours.

So what do you need to be so effective in goal? Training. Focus. But also, the best material. Anything to give you maximum confidence. Gloves you can rely on in any conditions.

The brand new Volare Series offers you that ultimate goalkeeper experience. The ultra-light One Piece Fit design is a perfect fit and is an absolute innovation in our product range. A tight fit that you have to experience yourself, combined with our best foam for maximum grip and control.

Volare Pro

Professional gloves with ultra-soft Hyper foam and larger glove-to-ball contact. The gloves are very light thanks to the use of the latest technologies and materials. The negative cut offers maximum control thanks to the perfect fit around your fingers. The One Piece Fit design (OPF) also guarantees a maximum fit around your upper hand.

The Hyper foam of the gloves is characterised by the unique absorption qualities, which ensure you keep a maximum grip in all weather conditions. The Volare Pro has a silicone insert on the punch zone for greater flexibility.

The glove of choice for Etienne Vaessen, Joey Koorevaar, Mike van de Meulenhof and others.



Volare Match

These gloves contain soft foam for a reliable grip and comfortable absorption. The flat hand, in a negative cut, sits tight around the fingers for maximum ball control. The neoprene insert on the upper creates a perfect and flexible fit, while the fingers of these gloves have an elastic insert made of mesh/nylon. The elastic fastening protects the wrists and the wrist band offers extra sturdiness and also has a printable field for your name.



Volare Ultra Junior

The Volare Ultra Junior is the ultimate junior goalkeeper glove with soft foam, for a reliable grip and excellent cushioning. The glove is lightweight thanks to the use of the latest techniques and materials, and breathable thanks to the mesh on the top of the hand. The One Piece Fit design (OPF) guarantees an optimal fit around the upper hand.


Volare Junior

Junior goalkeeper gloves with soft foam for a reliable grip and excellent absorption. This is a flathand model with a positive cut. The seamless inside guarantees maximum ball control. The gloves have an elastic wrist band with a Velcro strap.