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Frequently asked questions

Returns & exchange

  • I want to return my ordered items; how do I do this?
    You will find an overview of the steps involved in returning (part of) your order. Items may be returned within 14 days of receipt. Visit our Returns page for more information.
  • Can I exchange items?
    Yes, you may exchange items within 14 days of receipt. Exchanges work as follows: the incorrect item is returned first, and you may then order the new item via the website. This allows you to quickly receive the new items without having to wait until we have received your returned item.
  • Do I need to pay to return an item?
    Yes, you are responsible for the costs involved in returning an item. You are free to select the parcel service of your choice. If you return your full order, any original shipping charges from Stanno to you will be included in your refund. You will receive the refunded amount via the same payment method originally used to pay for your order. Tip: if your item is the correct format for letterbox post, you may also send it in an envelope. 
  • To which address should I ship my returned items?

Returns may be sent to:

Stanno Sports (UK) Ltd

17 Mallard Way

Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8GX

  • Can I also return my package in person?
    Yes, you are welcome to return your item(s) in person. Our address is: 17 Mallard Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8GX. Direct exchange of the product is not possible.
  • I have a complaint about my product. I received a damaged or incorrect item; what should I do?
    Contact Client Services as soon as possible. We will respond as soon as possible, but always within 2 business days. Should a production error have occurred with a product, we will immediately replace it free of charge.
  • I no longer have a return slip; what should I do?
    A return slip is automatically included with your order. If you did not receive a return slip or have misplaced it, please contact our Client Services department.
  • I returned items, how long will it take before I receive a refund on my account?
    Following receipt of your notice of return, the refund will be issued as soon as possible and always within 14 days in accordance with government distance selling regulations. We are permitted to wait before issuing a refund until we have received the goods or until you have submitted proof of shipment of the goods, whichever comes first.
  • How does the right of withdrawal work exactly?
    You are entitled to a consideration period to determine whether a product fulfils your expectations. The European right of withdrawal and a 14-day consideration period apply to all orders. This also applies to items from our Outlet The 14-day period begins the day following the day of receipt. You may unpack, view, assess and/or try on the product(s) received. Within these 14 days, you have the right to withdraw the purchase agreement without the need to provide a reason. Visit our Returns page for more information about the right of withdrawal and exceptions. 


  • How do I pay for my order?
    Payments may be conducted with American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Klarna and PayPal. Visit our Payments page for more information.
  • What is a CVC code?
    The CVC code consists of the last three numbers on the back of your credit card. A CVC code serves as additional security against fraud.
  • My credit card payment was not accepted, what should I do now?
    In this case, your order will be cancelled. If this occurs, contact your credit card provider or bank.
  • Is online shopping at Stanno.com secure?
    Yes, it is secure. Security for you, our customer, is one of our main priorities. We use an SSL certificate for payments. Visit our Payments page for more information.
  • I returned an item, but the amount of the refund is incorrect; what should I do?
    Contact Client Services as soon as possible.
  • Can I receive an invoice for my order?
    We will issue an invoice after your order has been shipped. The invoice is included in the email with the Track & Trace code. Have you lost your invoice? Contact us and we will issue a new invoice.

Order & delivery

  • How do I place an order?
    Orders are placed via the shopping cart. Visit our Order process page for more information.
  • How much are shipping charges?
    For orders above 100 pounds, no shipping charges apply. For orders under 100 pounds, a shipping charge of 10 pounds per order applies.
  • What is the estimated delivery time?
    Your package is shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands. At the end of each day we gather all UK orders for shipment via UPS. If your order is placed before 13:00, it will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 13:00 will be shipped the following (business) day. After your order has been received by UPS, we will send you an email containing a Track & Trace code. This allows you to follow your order.
  • Can I collect my package in person?
    It is not possible to collect a package. We provide quick delivery and ship orders daily.
  • What is the status of my order?
    After your order has been shipped, you can follow it via the Track & Trace code which you received per email.
  • I made an error while ordering, how do I correct this?
    Contact Client Services as soon as possible.
  • Can I cancel an order?
    Orders may only be cancelled before shipment. Contact Client Services as soon as possible.

  • Do you also provide international shipping?
    You are currently visiting Stanno’s UK website. We only ship within the UK, with the exception of the Channel Islands. International shipping is available via the Stanno website for the respective country.

My VIP Account

  • What is Stanno VIP?
    Stanno VIP is our savings programme for our valued customers with an account on Stanno.com. The concept offers various benefits, including a cash discount on future orders! Visit the Stanno VIP page for more information on the VIP concept. Interested in our unique cash concept for clubs? Read more on the Stanno for clubs page.
  • How do I become a Stanno VIP member?
    The only thing you need to do to become a Stanno VIP is create an account. If you place an order while logged in, you will automatically receive in-store credit with each purchase.
  • Which benefits are offered by Stanno VIP?
    Read more about the benefits for Stanno VIP on the Stanno VIP page. Interested in our unique cash concept for clubs? Visit the Stanno for clubs page for more information.
  • Is Stanno VIP free?
    Yes, the Stanno VIP concept is completely free of charge. The only thing you need to do to enjoy the discount is create an account on our website.
  • Can I also accumulate in-store credit without an account?
    No, unfortunately we require an account to be able to assign in-store credit. That is just how the system works. Naturally, we can assure you that we don’t do anything out of the ordinary with your data and handle it with care, completely in line with the GDPR. 
  • Do I need to spend my in-store credit with my next order? 
    No, you are free to spend your in-store credit as you see fit. In the final step of the ordering process, you can indicate whether you would like to use your in-store credit, and if so, how much of it.
  • What should I do if I also want to save in-store credits for my club?
    Let your club know about the Stanno cash concept for clubs! If your club is interested in participating, we will create a special club shop. All orders placed via the club shop will partially benefit your club’s budget. Download our club flyer, for example, to share with your club or direct them to our website. You are also welcome to contact us directly for more information.
  • When is the in-store credit added to my account?
    We will issue the in-store credit to your account after the return period has expired. This means that the in-store credit will be visible in your account 16 days after your order. You can then apply it to your following order to receive a discount!
  • What happens if I return an order for which in-store credit is due?
    In this case, the in-store credit will not be issued.
  • What happens if I return an order for which I used in-store credit?
    In this case, the in-store credit used will be returned to your account. The remaining amount will be refunded according to standard procedures.  
  • Do I receive in-store credit with each purchase or do exceptions apply?
    No, there are no exceptions. You receive in-store credit with each order placed on Stanno.com.
  • Where can I view my accumulated in-store credit?
    Your accumulated in-store credit is displayed in the upper right corner of the home page if you have a VIP account and are logged in.
  • Can I also retroactively earn in-store credit if I placed an order and forgot to log in?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible.
  • Can I transfer my in-store credit to someone else, so that they can use it?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible. Your in-store credit is linked to your account.
  • How do I subscribe to the newsletter?
    The subscription link is included in the footer of our website. You can also click on this direct link!
  • How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
    At the end of each newsletter, you will find a link in the footnotes. You may unsubscribe at any moment.
  • How do I change the email address to which the newsletter is sent?
    You can change your email address on your account page. If you are yet to create an account, you may do so here
  • How do I delete my VIP account?
    You can deactivate your account under the heading My Profile.
  • What will happen to my in-store credit upon deletion of my VIP account?
    Your in-store credit will expire upon deletion of your account. 

General & Stanno.com

  • I have a complaint about Stanno.com, where do I submit it?
    Complaints must be submitted in writing via our Contact Form. You will receive confirmation via email. We appreciate all feedback and comments and will respond within 2 business days.
  • Does Stanno.com use cookies?
    Yes, in several situations we use cookies to improve the user experience. More information is provided in our Privacy Policy.
  • Where can I download the General Terms and Conditions?
    You will find the General Terms and Conditions via the footer menu at the end of each page. 

Products and supply 

  • How do I know if my size is in stock?
    The availability of each size is indicated using a colour scheme. Available sizes are displayed in white and can be selected. If a size is not available, it will be displayed in light grey and cannot be selected.
  • How do I know which size to choose?
    Consult our Size Chart to determine your size for our sportswear.
  • We want to dress our team in your clothes. Can we receive a sample set?
    Sample sets may be ordered via the website. Order the expected sizes required. After receiving the products, your team is free to try on the selected articles of clothing. If a size is no longer required, you may return it as long as the product satisfies the Return Conditions. After trying on the sample sets, the required sizes and quantities can be ordered easily on the website.
  • Can I order customised apparel?
    The majority of items in our collection is highly suitable for printing and customisation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have clothing customised directly via Stanno.com. We do collaborate with many sports retailers. Printing is always arranged via the retailer or their own printer.
  • What is the applicable warranty period?
    The statutory warranty applies to all of our products. This means that the product must meet all expectations reasonably held by you as a consumer. If a product exhibits defects following a single instance of normal use, the product obviously does not meet the required level of quality and will be replaced. Please contact us if a product does not meet your expectations to allow us to rectify the situation.