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Special Design



All Stanno products have to meet our design philosophy: Function. Form. Attitude. Stanno believes ‘Product is King’.

But maybe you want more. A shirt that exactly reflects who you are. A shirt that gives a huge boost to the team spirit. With Special Design from Stanno, you create a kit that no one else has. Something special. A kit that tells who you are as a club. Your heritage, your tradition.

With Special Design you can create a shirt and shorts with a unique appearance, in cooperation with our in house design team. You get the high quality and perfect fit that we are recognised for, combined with a design that perfectly fits the character of your team. Even the socks can be produced in the clubs colours, with a knitted club logo!

Special Design takes place on the basis of sublimation. In this production process, the design is transferred from special paper to the fabric. This is done at a high temperature under a printing press. The fabric is thus coloured in a whole, in the desired design.




What you can choose from?

Special Design shirts and shorts can be ordered from 15 pieces. With Special Design Limited you can choose from existing designs, and then choose the colours and the type of collar. Special Design Unlimited can be ordered from 50 pieces. You can completely define your own designs, with unlimited colour options and a choice of different types of collars and sleeves. 





From how many pieces?

From 15 pieces

From 50 pieces

Which products?

Shirts and shorts

Shirts, shorts and socks

Can you choose from an unlimited number of designs?



Are there unlimited colour possibilities?



Can names and numbers immediately be incorporated into the design?



How many types of collars can you choose from?


ca. 10

Can you choose between different types of sleeves?



Also socks can be produced in the clubs colours, with a knitted club logo. This perfectly represents the impressive appearance of Special Design. Special Design socks can consist of a maximum of four colours. The design is free, if technically feasible.

How does it work?

Designing a Special Design kit for a team or a club takes place in the triangle between the club, the sports retailer and the design team of Stanno.

Do you represent your team or club and are you interested? Please contact your sports retailer. It provides the contact between the needs of the club and the opportunities offered by Stanno. We like to make something beautiful for you!

For sports retailers all information is placed in the Dealer Login.