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Stanno The Claw

The Claw Goalkeeper Glove

Stanno Keepers

30 Years

Experience developing goalkeeper gloves

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Grip, Fit and Value for Money

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Stanno The Claw

The Claw is our latest show of power. Become the king in the goal!

Thanks to the Hyper Foam you have unprecedented grip and ball control in all weather conditions. Clamp tight, like a lion reaching for its prey. The hybrid fit (combo of rollfinger and flatfinger) ensures a perfect fit around the fingers. Together with One Piece Fit Design and detachable wrist strap, this ensures that the glove has the best fit

With a lion design, fear will take over your opponent when they see you with this glove. Defend your goal with this glove and experience it for yourself.



Stijn van Gassel with The Claw



Every game you stand in the goal with confidence





The Claw is known for its Hyper Foam and enlarged foam surface. These gloves have lightweight One Piece Fit design (OPF) to allow the gloves to fit snugly around the upper hand. The Claw is moisture absorbent and therefore has a better grip in all weather conditions. The combo of rollfinger and flathand negative fingers complete this glove.

The foam of the middle finger and ring finger are rolled over the fingertip to make the foam surface even larger. The stitching is on the inside and the elastic closure is flat and removable. This glove is also available in both senior and junior sizes!


Stanno The Claw SR

The Claw

✅ Hyper foam for reliable grip
✅ One Piece Fit design
✅ Hybride model (combo rollfinger and Flatfinger) for a perfect fit
✅ Flat and removable elastic closure


Stanno The Claw JR

The Claw JR

✅ Soft foam for reliable grip and excellent damping
✅ Rollfinger model with enlarged foam surface
✅ Rubber patch to prevent wear




For every level. Professional or amateur.

This is why Etienne Vaessen (RKC Waalwijk) plays with The Claw.