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Size Chart Goalkeeper Gloves

Keepershandschoenen maten

How do I choose the right size goalkeeper gloves?


Goalkeeper gloves need to fit properly to perform. With a goalkeeper glove that is too big, for example, you have no grip and with a glove that is too small, the foam can tear.

In addition, a glove will wear out less quickly if it fits perfectly. This is sustainable and therefore better for your wallet.

There are two ways you can determine which size goalkeeper gloves you need. This is how you determine which size gloves you need:

Ennio van der Gouw met de Volare Ultra

1. Measure your hand circumference

To determine which size you need, use the step-by-step plan below to measure your hand circumference. For our goalkeeper gloves, you will then find which size you need in the table below.

  1. Place a tape measure loosely (cm) around the knuckles of your hand (without the thumb);
  2. Read off the number of centimetres;
  3. Check the table below to see what size goalkeeper gloves you need:
Keepershandschoenen maattabel handomtrek in centimeter

*Because this table is an indication, you cannot derive any rights from it.


2. Use the Stanno size chart

For our goalkeeper gloves, we have developed a special size chart (see opposite) that you can print on an A4 sheet to then determine your size. The goalkeeper gloves size chart works as follows:

  1. Use the 'Download Size Chart' button to download the PDF file;
  2. Print this page 100% size on A4;
  3. Use the control line to check if the size is right;
  4. Place the palm of your right hand on the paper with the index finger along the black line;
  5. Read the size on the right side, just below the little finger, at knuckle height.