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Stanno Goalkeepers


Stanno launched the first collection of goalkeeper gloves back in 1990. Making innovative use of foam and finger protection, the brand set a new standard for goalkeepers. Since then, every new collection is developed in close collaboration with goalkeepers at the highest level. This way, technology and experience are united in every glove for a maximum result.



Stanno offers a full product range for goalkeepers. From goalkeeper gloves to protective clothing and special goalkeeper socks with lined reinforcement for maximum protection and shock reduction. Every product is fully geared to the specific needs of the goalkeeper.

Stanno chooses to use high-quality materials that support the sports performance. The goalkeeper gloves contain the best foams and offer maximum comfort. Shirts have a Clima Tec finish which gets rid of moisture fast and feels pleasant on your skin. Socks are made of polypropylene, a light and thermal fibre that guarantees maximum comfort.


Product is king

At Stanno, it's all about product quality. Stanno develops products that comply with the Stanno philosophy: Function. Shape. Image. In that order. To Stanno, Product is King. What is so special about this brand is that on the one hand, it offers an extensive product range that appeals to any athlete and on the other, it develops customised high-tech products for specific groups of athletes. Goalkeeper gloves are a prime example. High-quality, produced by a specialist supplier. For every type of goalkeeper, at any level: Stanno makes the best product for the best price.


Sport is our passion

Sports form the essence of Stanno’s DNA. Its passion for sports is reflected in everything the brand does, from design to product development and marketing. In sports, it’s about the momentum, the point where hard work comes together, the powerful dynamics that make sports so wonderful. That moment is what inspires Stanno.